With over 25 years of experience in waste & recycling, plant design & construction, operations, commodity marketing and brokerage services - we foster innovation in the recycling industry!

Our Commitment to Excellence!

When HGC President, Herb Lambacher founded HGC Management Inc., he envisioned a different kind of waste management company. A professional engineer with 40 years of experience in recycling, plant design, construction, operations, commodity marketing and brokerage services - Herb founded HGC Management Inc. with a clear vision of fostering innovation in existing Ontario recycling programs and operating a smaller, more agile, customer focused organization. An organization that empowers management to build and grow direct relationships with clients and focuses on providing an unmatched level of customer service.

Over the years that followed, this vision has propelled HGC to grow and we have become a trusted and respected leader in our recycling industry. We now service six Ontario locations and operate Material Recycling Facilities in the following cities;

  • Brantford
  • Belleville
  • Cornwall (2)
  • Peterborough
  • Quinte
Our passion and commitment for innovation is evident in our approach to developing new systems, processes and the ability to uncover new markets for recyclables. Working with numerous industry regulators, suppliers and consumer groups in Ontario - We have pioneered the inclusion of boxboard and polystyrene in your blue box and have been instrumental in the collection of seasonal boat wrap from marinas.

The fundamental success of our operations, highly depend on our ability to market the resale of tin, aluminum, glass and all types of papers and plastics. Through the establishment of supply contracts with major mill groups and end-users, we are able to provide commodity recycling solutions to our strategic partners. These mutually beneficial relationships allow us to be multi-market competitive and provide our clients and business partners with competitive pricing. We are proud to offer some of the lowest reported operating costs as outlined by the Waste Diversion Organization (WDO) in Ontario.

In addition to our key products and services, we provide our clients the ability to leverage our knowledge and expertise through numerous other value–added services. From freight logistics negotiations, to waste audits and general assistance with third party vendors such as incinerators and landfill operators - we are able to improve operational systems and increase efficiencies between organizations for the benefit of everyone involved.

Whether HGC is providing services to Ontario Municipalities or the Industrial, Commercial and/or Institutional sectors, we continue to further the mandate set out 25 years ago.


- Post-Consumer Boxboard - Tubs & Lids - Polystyrene - Mixed Rigid Plastics - Film Plastic - Boat Wrap -



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Recycling! We take immense pride in the fact that we make a difference. Your recycled goods can have a significant impact. Recycling minimizes our carbon footprint and helps protect the environment for the generations that follow. Together, We Can Make a Difference!

If you're looking to improve your waste & recycling program - we can be your ideal business partner!

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