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What is a Waste Audit?

Our waste audits conform with Ontario regulations 102/94 & 103/94. Our goal is to obtain an accurate snapshot on the amount and type of waste generated by your organization. The information and data gathered during our waste audit is then analyzed.  Upon our review, we'll provide your organization with recommendations on how to best reduce, divert and minimize waste with the goal of improving your overall disposal costs.

How Does a Waste Audit Improve My Business and Save Us Money?

Through a proper analysis and waste audit, we can improve the way your organization handles waste by reviewing all your diversion and recycling options.  The traditional cost of waste removal and sending waste to a landfill can impact your bottom line.  Traditional recycling methods offer significant savings. By recycling and diverting your waste, you will be able to reduce your environmental impact, preserve our environment for the generations that follow and increase your profits.

Please view the links below for additional information:

A Guide To Waste Audits And Waste Reduction Work Plans For The Industrial, Commercial And Institutional Sectors As Required Under O. Reg. 102/94

Environmental Protection Act - Ontario Regulation 102/94 -WASTE AUDITS AND WASTE REDUCTION WORK PLANS


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